Ending Your Divorce Case The Right Way

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Divorce mediators Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsIdeally, couples that are going through divorce need to agree on everything, thus avoiding court and ensuring the best interest of the child is maintained. Yet an ideal situation is hard to find. You need to make the most of the current situation and get the best divorce solution despite not being on the best of terms. For this all you need to do is identify the primary reason that the two of you are getting divorced. Once you have identified the reason, you need to find a neutral, objective Orange County divorce mediator who can help facilitate the two of you as you look to fix your divorce case to logical conclusion.

There are a large number of skeptics that can get depressed at the failure of their marriage and leave their divorce to turn out just like their marriage. In reality, through irrespective of the state of your marriage you can have an amicable divorce resolution. You can fix the divorce process by choosing divorce mediation over traditional litigation.

Here is a lowdown on some powerful tools that Orange County divorce mediation give you:

1.      Mediation gives you the power to settle or not

Divorce couples often forget that when they go to a family law court for the solution of their divorce they are voluntarily giving up their right of decision making to the judge. The judge and your layer will have the power to decide and fight a case that is going to determine your future. A lawyer or a judge will have a number of cases in a day and will not know you or the state that you are in. They will look at the facts and fight a case based only on that.

2.      You are under control of the costs

Divorce in a court can be expensive to say the least. So unless you have a considerable amount to win from the division of assets, it is best that you go for mediation. Orange County divorce mediation allows you to control the costs of the process by talking the case along at your own pace and not having to pay the fees of lawyers etc. per hour. In mediation there is only a set amount that both of the spouses can spend, unlike litigation where your spending is heavily dependent on the amount your spouse spends.

3.      You get to learn law and negotiation

Mediation is a process that is carried out in the presence of three people only. You, your spouse and the Orange County divorce mediator of your choice. The mediators will along the process explain to you the legal obligations and rules that are best followed allowing you to get a better understanding of them. The hands-on approach in mediation makes sure the spouses negotiate with one another and end up getting the best solution for everyone.

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