Checking Your Readiness for Divorce Mediation

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

orange county divorce mediation attorneys; California Divorce MediatorsA divorce can be a test of emotions and depth of person. To get divorced and end one’s long standing relation can be a tough task even for the most emotionally sound spouses. The misery of going through a divorce can often be compounded by bitter feuds developing in court proceedings over it.

This is why a large number of people are turning to Orange County divorce mediation. Mediation is a different process to court led divorce and can give spouses more freedom to exercise their will. While mediation is a good option for divorcing parties, there are some factors to consider before deciding on its appropriateness for you.

To help you decide if you are tailor-made for Orange County divorce mediation or not, here is the list of a few questions that you need to ask yourself. This test can be used by either of the spouse and needs no additional members. Make sure that the answers to the question are genuine and under no stress or pressure whatsoever. If that is the case, the validity of the test might be affected.

Questions to Test Readiness for Mediation

  • Are you ready to get divorced?
  • Are you not willing to reconcile or talk things out once again with your fellow spouse?
  • Do you oppose going to court and instead are willing to go to an Orange County mediator to sort your divorce issues out?
  • Are looking to have reasonable, amicable, and courteous relations with your spouse?
  • Do you think retribution, hatred, and blame games need to be ended and a fair agreement reached between the two parties?
  • Are you able to trust your spouse? Will you be able to agree to their version of events (not entirely though) and their declaration of assets etc?
  • Can you stand up against your spouse for you own rights and not be intimidated by them?
  • Can you disagree with your spouse without having to react remorsefully in the latter half of your life?
  • Do you think your spouse has the same level of respect and admiration for you like you have for them?
  • Do you expect your spouse to be fair in their dealings?
  • Are you sound mentally and physically?
  • Are you able to communicate your needs and wants and your viewpoints clearly enough to the other party?
  • Are you confident your relation did not have traces of physical abuse or violence?
  • Are you confident your relation did not have traces of substance abuse or drug abuse?
  • Can you trust the parenting skills of your spouse?
  • Do you love your children and would like to keep them away from the infighting between their parents?

If the answers to all of the questions are a yes, you are a good candidate for Orange County divorce mediation. The last 5 questions are important, any no with regards to lack of trust, physical or drug abuse can make the mediation process a waste of time.

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