5 Things To Avoid In Divorce Mediation

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediation attorney; California Divorce MediatorsOrange County divorce mediation can be termed as being the pinnacle of the divorce process. This is because it can be said to hold the key to how life after divorce will look like. If you are not careful in your divorce mediation decisions, you might as well end up having a long, drawn out mediation process.

Here are few tips on things you should avoid in mediation.

1.     Rushing The Mediation Process

Couples tend to choose for an early mediation process to try and save the cost of the time that will be wasted in the resolution. This however, can be a mistake if rushed. In order for mediation to work, both of the spouses need to be clear and precise about their needs out of the divorce and what they want the mediation to do for them. Rushing the mediation can take up much more time since a large amount of time will later be consumed in catching up with the forgotten details.

2.     Availing The Services Of The Wrong Mediator

The job of the Orange County mediator is particularly important in mediation. Hence, when you are looking to get yourself into divorce mediation, make sure you check the mediator before enrolling yourself. A mediator that is too stubborn, forceful, or heavy handed in their approach can ruin the negotiations between the spouses. When you are choosing a mediator, it is integral that you choose someone who is professional and can be trusted.

3.     Lack Of Communication With The Mediator

The best way to go about mediation is to make sure that you have opened up about your side of the story completely to the mediator. Withholding information and refusing to outline important facts is a hindrance in your communication with the mediator. If the mediator at the time of resolution has to make deductions, your mediation process is close to failing.

4.     Unprofessional Behavior And Poor Briefs

Orange County divorce mediation is a process that is based around resolution and cooperation. The atmosphere in the mediation needs to remain professional and amicable. This can all be ruined with heated accusations, misspelled words, and a failure to stay on the topic at hand. All of these things ultimately lead to wastage of time and resources. The briefs that you present in front of the mediator and the other spouses should be well thought out, coherent, and to-the-point.

5.     Not Understanding The Opposition

Orange County divorce mediation is not just one way traffic – it needs to involve cooperation between both of the spouses and their agreement on major issues to move forward. Hence, it is important that as you are part of the mediation process, you try and understand the other spouse’s view point and take that into account when making your next decision in mediation.

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