Celebrities Turning to California Divorce Mediation

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

divorce mediation attorney in orange county; California Divorce MediationDivorce has become something of norm in the society today with people increasingly looking to end their relations irrespective of their long standing associations with one another. Increasingly, the entertainment industry which is popular for its off and on brewing romances is seeing established married couples heading for divorce.

The case of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner has been one of the most popular ones in recent times. Yet there are other cases of celebrities turning to divorce mediation when things in their relationship started to reach a point of no return.

Something that all country music lovers will be aware of is that the wife of one of the leading country singers, Trace Adkins, has filled for divorced. She reportedly demanded a settlement amount that is worth close to $20 million. The huge amount that was demanded in the settlement was one reason, many observers started to believe that the couple would be embroiled in a bitter legal case. Yet, in a matter of months, the lawyer of the performer announced that the couple had agreed on a settlement amicably with each other through an Orange County private mediation.

The attorney of Mr. Adkins was clear on the fact that the agreement had been reached amicably, but was not willing to share any details of the settlement between the two spouses. The mediation settlement that has been concluded and agreed between the two spouse will not be workable until and unless it is approved by the family law court.

The couple had been married for over 16 years, and their marriage bore three children. Trace Adkins has always been one of the household names in the country music industry with his very first album having a platinum debut that had around five hits. Since then, he has gone on from strength to strength in his career having been nominated for a host of Grammy Awards.

According to various media outlets, the spouse of Trace Adkins, Rhonda, asked for primary custody of the children in addition to child and spousal support and then fees of her attorney to be paid. While the terms of both the parties were starkly against the other, the couple during their divorce mediation decided to reach a compromise. The primary reason for them to make a compromise was to make sure that their children were protected from the media glare that comes with high profile celebrity divorce court cases.

The case of Trace Adkins and his wife and how they decided to make sure that their dispute and its resolution remained private is a lesson in Orange County divorce mediation for all of us. It shows how the use of mediation can rescue couples from even the stickiest of situations and the bitterest of conflicts by talking their issues out in the presence of a mediator.

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