Orange County Divorce Mediation is Client-Directed

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Divorce mediation Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsIn this world, no two couples are the same. There are a variety of differences that exist between each individual. This trend is continued in terms of the relationships since each relationship is likely to be different to the relation that exists between the other parties. One of the most startling facts nowadays is the increasing number of failed marriages. The large number of failed marriages should be an indication of the increasing burden that is befalling and likely to befall on the different types of couples seeking divorce. The fact that each couple is different means that there needs to be a different approach to divorce resolution for each couple.

There are some couples that have special children that need extra care and support, while other parents might have elderly parents and need for them to be taken care of. Each couple is likely to come to Orange County divorce mediation for different reasons. It is these reasons that need to be taken care of so that both spouses are able to get the best out of their divorce mediation. This means that each couple needs to have their own specially designed divorce mediation proceedings that are focused on the couple and their hopes, aspirations and needs.

Orange County divorce mediation is a process where, unlike litigation, the client is in charge of the process. The clients are granted a large amount of authority in divorce mediation.  The primary reason for this is the fact that in mediation there is no judge to give a final order that is binding on both the parties. Mediation, as a process, is all about the clients trying to channel their differences and work towards a better outcome from this divorce for both of them.

Divorce mediation can be termed as a client directed one because in each and every aspect of the mediation process, the client is the one calling the shots. Mediation proceedings have no set timings and are dependent on the availability of the spouses. This means that the flexible timing of divorce as well as the fact that the mediators’ role is no more than that of a facilitator of the dialogue between the spouses, which means that clients are the ones running mediation.

The speed of the mediation, the decision of the mediation process and the signing of the mediation agreement are all choices that clients take on their own. Unlike litigation, divorce mediation in Orange County mediation is a process where the parties come willingly. The primary reason for them coming to mediation and the increase in the number of clients is because the client directed mediation proceedings give them a sense of empowerment and control over their future outcome that litigation can’t promise.

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