Divorce Mediation – A Cost-Benefit Analysis

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

divorce mediation attorney in orange county; California Divorce MediationOne of the most common misconceptions that is prevalent in the people today with regards to divorce mediation is that going to court is likely to get them a greater sum of money as opposed to use of mediation. This logic has little practical sense. Think of it in this context: all the property that you buy during the marriage is known as community property and is likely to be divided 50/50. Now subtract from that property valuation, the cost of the lawyers that each of the spouse will hire to go to court and the fees that are going to be charged by the courts for the starting and running the case.

Usually the retainer fees of litigation in Orange County family law cases can be from around $5,000 to $15,000 dollars. Add these fees up with the annual hourly rate of lawyers that they will charge you and the numbers can add up to startling sums. In such situations, it is safe to say that litigation is likely to cost you a huge amount of money, not the added amount of money that most people seem to think they would.The choice of Orange County mediation is the choice where you get the chance to save a considerable amount of money for yourself. Mediation, as a divorce resolution, has been mentioned as being one of the most cost-effective methods for resolution of disputes. When a couple takes up divorce mediation, they will almost remove the costs of lawyers and the costs of mediation will be less than the overall costs of litigation proceedings of your divorce. There are also a host of other advantages that are likely to weigh up on the financial aspects of mediation and litigation debate.

Here are few benefits that you are likely to get if you choose divorce mediation:

·         Time Saving

This is one of the leading reason people are increasingly turning to divorce mediation. While there is no question on the fairness of the California legal system, typically though, most legal systems have procedures and a whole host of cases which slow down the progress of cases. In divorce mediation, however, the resolution of the dispute settle in weeks if not month and at max in 6 months.

·         Emotionally supportive

When you are in court, both parties try to win at all costs and the greatest victim of all this are the emotions of each of the spouses that will be severally affected by the heat and bitterness of court divorces. In mediation, however, the reconciliatory, conclusive and cooperative divorce method is likely to allow the spouses and their emotions to respite. This is an important benefit of mediation since emotional traumas can have a lasting effect on the overall health and well being of a person.

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