Divorce and Setting Your Emotional GPS

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Top Orange County divorce mediators; California Divorce MediatorsAsk anyone that has gone through an Orange County divorce and they’ll tell you how their divorce left them in a state of emotional distress. Most people tend to recover from their divorce years after they have gone through the ordeal of ending their relationships. It, however, shouldn’t have to be like that for anyone. You need not hit emotional rock bottom before you are able to recover. The key to this is letting go of the blame, the shame, and the pain that comes with a divorce.

The key to making a divorce work is in handling the emotions. If you are able to control your emotional GPS as we like to call it, you’ll be able to get through your divorce with less trauma and delay.

In this blog post, we give you five ways you can set your emotional GPS from suffering and sorrow to goodness. Much like the GPS system in your car, your emotional GPS is likely to determine the course your Orange County divorce will take. To be able to set your emotional GPS to a positive setting,  you’ll need to:

·         Forget the Concept of Perfection

Getting through divorce is not about being perfect. All you need to put your mind and efforts into is to try and be able to get through the process having given it your all. The process of Orange County divorce mediation will warrant you to be compromising, adapting, and understanding of your spouse and get something that both of you agree on, no need for it to be perfect.

·         Stay Nice

How’d you feel if your ex started to treat you like trash? Not very good one assumes. This is exactly the case with your spouse. It is widely believed that you get respect and niceness in response. Try and be nice in your dealings and interactions with your ex spouse. Try to maintain cordial relations with the person you had hoped to spend the rest of your life with, since that allows both of you to escape the bitterness of divorce.

·         Be Forgiving

Forgiveness and forgetfulness are the two single most important ways to eliminate pain from your life. During the course of an Orange County divorce mediation, there are likely to be a wide variety of issues where the spouses may disagree. Yet disagreement shouldn’t be allowed to turn into bitterness and the key to doing that is forgiving the past and moving on.

·         Be Empowered

There is no one in charge of your life and your behavior except you. Feel empowered, and try to change your mood to happy. Make sure you are able to clear your mind that bygones are bygones, there is a future ahead of you, and that you should make the most of it. Ruing past decisions is likely to strip you of the impending opportunities. Keep them in mind and act like you are in charge.

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