Develop Your Child Custody and Support Agreements through Mediation

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

orange county divorce mediation; California Divorce MediatorsDo you want to get your child custody and support agreements made? Are you looking for an attorney to litigate it for you? Before you do that though, consider getting the services of a divorce mediator. A large number of parents who tend to go to litigation are left wanting and disappointed at the child custody and support orders that courts give. The best way to avoid this feeling of ‘what if’ or ‘it could have been better than this’ is for the parents to erase the court out of the picture and do it themselves.

How? Divorce mediation services and mediators can help you through the mediation process to develop your child custody and support orders.

The Money Game

Courts are likely to focus their approach to try and split the child custody and child support costs. The formulas for this are likely to be the ones that are mandated. There is little or no chance of deviation from those principles that have already been agreed upon. Yet in divorce mediation, the mediator will facilitate the parents but ultimately leave the final decision of the costs and the finances splitting on them.

Child custody, on the other hand, is likely to be a trickier subject, since the custody of one’s child is what both the parents desire and it is likely to have a host of emotions attached to it. However, divorce mediators are skilled professionals who are likely to be able to address the emotional side of things and yet allow the parents to reach a mutually agreed upon child custody arrangement where both the parents get what they want more or less.

Another advantage of this method is the fact that when parents mutually agree upon support payments and child custody arrangements, they are likely to honor it more willingly than they would do to a court order that is imposed on them which they aren’t particularly content with.

Adversarial is not a Word to Describe Mediation

The key to mediation is going into it prepared and knowing what you want out of the process. Having said that, however, it must be noted that mediation is a process where you are required to make concessions and so flexibility in your plans is a must. The one thing that should be the top priority in a mediation agreement being developed is the best interest of their child. Children should come first in any agreement being made with their rights and future being guaranteed first and foremost.

Look to the Future

The process of Orange County mediation is all about looking towards the future. Mediation is a process not only helps you develop a better future for your child, it makes sure your emotional trauma side is kept as far away as possible.

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