Now is the Time for Peaceful Divorces

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Top Orange County divorce mediators; California Divorce MediatorsHave you ever asked a person how they feel after going through a divorce? Chances are that whenever you do, their description of divorce will be nothing short of a horror story. Most people that have gone through divorce narrate a story of unfair results, uninterested lawyers gulping up the cash and high costs of proceedings that came up to nothing. One of the most important things in a person’s life is their assets and their family, both of which are divided as a result of divorces. Therefore, this is likely to be one of the peaks of emotional transitions that a person can go through in his/her life.

In situations like this though, when you get the services of a divorce attorney, one of the first few things they are likely to do is to make sure you go through with divorce litigation. We have already established how certain matters in divorce are emotionally charged and litigations on such issues go a long way in creating unbearable rifts between the spouses. Why would a lawyer suggest you litigation? Divorce litigation can be used by lawyers to charge hefty legal assistance costs by billing you for each hour that your case goes on for.

Imagine there are children involved in the divorce, what would they feel and see when they experience the sense of bitterness and cut throat competition between their spouses. The next best alternative to children, instead of having both their parents to be there with them all the time, is to be co-parented with each parent coordinating with the other. This is unlikely to be the result if the parents continue to battle it out against one another during the litigation proceedings.

Fed up of all the litigation process that you and your spouse are going through to get solutions for your divorce?  Divorce mediation is an alternative to litigation method. This method allows you to keep control over your money, assets, life, and the final decision that you are going to take in terms of asset and family distribution. There are a lot of secrets in the lives of most spouses that they want to continue to keep under the wraps; the best place where that is possible is divorce mediation. The divorce mediation process is in between the couple and the mediator and no one else, which means the personal information will continue to stay personal.

The process of divorce mediation is based on the principles of cooperation and coordination both of which not only save time and money, but they also allow the spouses to have certain cordial relations which can help in keeping the parenting equation balanced. In addition to the fact that divorce mediation, as a process, allows a peaceful transition for married couples to divorced status, the neutrality of the mediator is also another plus point for this method.

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