Are You Divorcing? Avoid Litigation!

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Divorce Mediators Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsThe process of divorce, in addition to being one of the most emotionally charged processes, continues to be a complicated one as far as divorce litigation is concerned. The complexity of the divorce process often means that most people tend to shy away from it and rely on hiring lawyers and attorneys to help them out. Typically, a divorce process involves the person having to go to court, hiring lawyers, letting the judge decide on the future of their lives, relationships and handling of assets.

In a divorce court case, couples tend to take a back seat and their lawyers and the judge hold the pole positions in deciding their fates. The decision comes from the judge who is bound by the laws. Anybody who is asked to follow a decision that has been forced on them without major consultation is likely to resent it. This is exactly the case as far as the divorce court cases are concerned. The spouses have only a little to say in the judge’s decision. When this is the case, it is often a challenge to accept the outcome and live according to it.

Most couples get to have a greater say in the decisions that are taken about their lives. When people are actively involved in the decision making process, the accuracy of the decision as well as its acceptability increases. In the case of divorce cases in courts, the law and the legal arguments used mean that the decision is likely to be under the set quarantines of law. This means that the one size fits all method is likely to be used in the case of each couple no matter how different their situations may be.

In cases like where the lawyers hold the key to your future, more often than not lawyers tend to milk their clients for unnecessary procedures to try and increase their wage bill. This and the fact that fighting a divorce case in family law court can cost a couple a hefty amount of money, making it one process to avoid. When you decide to avoid this process, how should you get a divorce then?

Divorce mediation is the way forward. Increasingly couples have started to venture into the mediation side of things to try and have resolutions of their divorces with mutually acceptable solutions. Divorce mediation is a process that involves a divorce mediator in Orange County or other county and the couples themselves. The mediator is only there to keep the discussion on the proper tracks; the couples are given the power to agree their solution among themselves. Divorce mediation is a legally acceptable procedure and the resulting outcome is also enforceable by courts.

Are you in need of a divorce and don’t think which method to use? Unless you have a large fortune or an appetite for a long gruesome court case, divorce mediation likely makes alot of sense in your particular situation.

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