A Guide for Divorcing Spouses to Make Informed and Voluntary Decisions

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

orange county divorce mediation lawyers; California Divorce MediatorsDivorce rates have been on the up over the past decade or so and the reason for this range from petty to major life changing events. What is more important than looking at the reasons of divorce is to take a look at emotional torment that divorcees have started to cause. Divorce is the end of relationship for the couples; a relationship that they had pledged to stay true to for the rest of their lives. When such commitments are broken, there is sure to be a bad taste and a sting of emotions felt that may range from guilt to anguish to anger.

Make a Smart Choice About How to Divorce

It is because of the severe pain and feelings of torment that increasingly couples have started to choose divorce mediation over litigation. Unlike litigation, mediation is a process that allows the couples to sort the issues out themselves while also having divorce mediators to try and make sure the discussion stays on the right track. The choice of the process of divorce is a particularly important one, since it can decide how you are going to be affected at the end of it, both emotionally and financially.

Orange County divorce mediation, unlike litigation procedures that inculcate a feeling of competition between the spouses, encourages a feeling of coordination, mutual respect, and communication. The longer the divorce takes to come to an end, the more hurt the spouses get. Mediation is one of the fastest methods of dispute resolution, coupled with its low costs and it is real winner. Another important consideration to take into account is the impartiality of the person other than the spouses involved in the procedure. Divorce mediators are neutral and committed to resolving the issues that is in favor of, and acceptable to both the parties involved.

Communication is the Key to Effective Decision-Making

Effective communication is the key to solving a variety of issues. Couples that are involved in divorce mediations need to be at their best in terms of communication capabilities with the other spouse if they are to maximize the potential of mediation. Communication is one of the most important elements in divorce mediation. The couples need to have as much conversation directly with each other as possible and also have the courtesy to listen to the point view of the other spouse.

Orange County mediation warrants the spouses to have detailed communication between them to be able to understand each others’ problems, constraints and factors that govern their decision making. Only then the spouses can have effective communication between them and will they be able to solve the issues and reach an effective conclusion that is acceptable to both.

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