3 Gems to Keep With You in Divorce Mediation

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Top Divorce mediation attorneys Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsWhen it comes to divorce mediation, it is bound to be a stressful time for the couples going through it. Apart from the couple, it is also a time of immense pressure on Orange County divorce mediators to make correct decisions, and guide the couple safely through the process. To make sure they perform at their highest at all times, most top divorce mediators have a set of rules that guide them through their work. When a client comes in for divorce mediation, mediators will make sure that the clients are made aware of the set of rules that mediators follow in order to assist them through the process.

Similar to divorce mediators, when it comes to clients and couples that are going through a divorce mediation, it is important for them to have a set of rules that they are willing to follow. Following these rules will be a boost for their mediation attempts to bear fruit. These rules can be termed as the three gems that all couples going into divorce mediation should keep with them. These rules are:

Stay honest At All times

Honesty is the key to your divorce mediation being successful. From the very start of your mediation process right up until the end, you will be needed to disclose tons of information to aid in the mediation process.  If you are unable to be honest, the result of the mediation will be based on false claims, which are highly unlikely to work. At the first day of your consultation, you’ll be asked about the goals that you expect to achieve with the mediation. It is important that you are honest and clear with your Orange County divorce mediator at this point because that is likely to set the tone for the whole session.

Don’t Take Your Emotions Into Your Mediation Sessions

Divorce can be one of the most emotionally challenging experiences for a person. People going through a divorce are likely to be hurt, sad, and angry. While this is true, it is important to make sure that you keep these emotions under control when you are going through divorce mediation. In mediations, it is important that you talk your issues out with your other spouse and letting your emotions take the best of you will make your point of view weaker.

Fairness is the Name of the Game

The only way divorce mediation works is with both the parties playing fair. Fairness needs to be exhibited in your approach to the divorce mediation. Mediation depends on the cooperation between the two spouses, if you try and gain unfair advantages, the mediation process if unlikely to work. The key to a good mediation process is for both the spouses to be fair and just with each other and give themselves the best chance to work themselves out.

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