5 Questions about Divorce Mediation—Answered!

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediators; California divorce mediatorsAre you and your partner planning to go your separate ways? If you are, do you want to end the relationship on good terms? If you answered yes again, divorce mediation is the perfect method for disputing couples to settle their issues.

However, not everyone prefers this method, as most are unaware of the benefits it provides. Moreover, they may have several questions regarding the practice. Here are the answers to the most-asked questions:

1.    Do both Partners Choose a Mediator together?

In order for mediation to successfully work, both partners need to approve the divorce mediator before beginning mediation sessions. Ask your partner if they have any one in mind that they would like to go to or give suggestion of your own. After acquiring the names of the mediators in your area, interview them. Remember that at any time during the sessions, you can cut ties with the mediator and move on to another one.

2.    Can You Make a Switch to Another Mediator?

If you don’t like your mediator or the way he/she conducts sessions, choose another one. It’s not mandatory to stick to the same mediator throughout the divorce process. Voice your concerns to your partners about the mediator telling them why you want to employ the services of another one. If your partner gives you a suggestion to go with this one, you may feel inclined to talk with the mediator in the absence of your partner. In order to solve issues, you need to feel at ease talking about them in front of the mediator.

3.    What Issues can Mediation Resolve?

Divorce mediation can solve numerous issues such as parenting time, child custody, visitation time, child support payments, amongst others. Although traditional divorce can solve these issues, compared to the traditional option, this is much cheaper and at times, more effective depending on the reason to divorce.

4.    Is Divorce Mediation Cost-Effective?

Not everyone is able to pay such a huge amount to get a divorce. Most people have to get loans from the banks to pay for all their legal fees, but this isn’t the case with divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is a cheap option to get out of a marriage. If you are a parent and getting a divorce, this option should be at the top of your list, as it charges you less than going to court.

5.    Is Divorce Mediation Cheaper then Court Fees?

As discussed in the previous point, divorce mediation is significantly cheaper than going in front of a judge to grant you a divorce. With divorce mediation, you won’t have to go to court or pay attorneys to make a case against your partner. In addition, divorce hearings can be quite cruel especially if the other partner is out to get you.

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