Why is Child Custody Mediation Easier on Kids?

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediators; California Divorce MediatorsIf you have kids and are currently on the path to divorce, you want to make it as amicable as possible. Parents who have already gone through a divorce understand the impact it has on kids. The burden children take with them when parents can’t stop fighting sometimes becomes too much to handle.

No matter how hard parents try to show that they care for each other, the hurt feelings that has accumulated over the years can become too much to keep inside. Not every divorce is ugly though.

Even if parents are putting up a calm demeanor in front of their kids, the kids will still be caught in the middle of the divorce when it comes time to decide on who gets custody. If you are thinking of parting ways and you have kids, you may want to try child custody mediation for the following reasons:

1.    Custody Mediation is Easier on Kids

Going into court, fighting for assets, and, most importantly, the custody of kids can take a toll on your little ones. Why put them through this torture in the first place? Why not choose divorce mediation over litigation. During divorce mediation, both parents are encouraged to put their anger and interests aside and think what is best for the kids in this situation.

2.    The Custody Mediator Doesn’t Take Sides

If you live in California for instance, you may want to hire an Orange County divorce mediator and custody mediation firm to provide you with a professional and reliable divorce mediator to help both of you decide on how to deal with the situation successfully.

The mediator will come up with a plan during the meeting to let you two see the best way to navigate through your divorce, especially child custody issues. Instead of focusing on issues of why you two decided to divorce, the mediator will work towards coming up with a solution to benefit you and your kids.

3.    Child Custody Mediation Creates a Parenting Plan

Apart from coming up with a resolution, the custody mediator will also develop a parenting plan that will take into account the parents’ concerns about the well-being of their kids. Therefore, instead of seeking full custody of your kids, try to come to an agreement to seek joint custody. Of course, this is assuming your spouse is fit to take care of the children.  If there is any doubt as to that, then perhaps mediation is not appropriate and going to court to seek sole custody might be advisable.

4.    Custody Mediation Reduces Conflict and Stress

The custody mediator will help the divorcing partners establish skills to communicate effectively with each other. This in return will help reduce the stress on the children. Moreover, you will benefit from it as well, as the constant bickering does nothing, but puts more stress on you. Through this process, you both may be able to tolerate each other more for the sake of the kids.

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