By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

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By: Gerald Maggio, Esq.

1. Each Party Gets The Opportunity To Be Heard.

In court, the parties generally do not get the ability to talk with each other. In the mediation setting, the more comfortable setting and the process itself allows and promotes the ability to talk with each other, as opposed to avoiding each other and letting their attorneys do all the talking. Mediation promotes conversation, instead of yelling and fighting.

2. The Parties Control the Case, Not The Judge.

Leaving the major issues and decisions affecting your family up to the attorneys or the judge in your case, you maintain the control and the outcome of what happens in your case and in your life. Having such major decisions left to persons with relative little knowledge or stake in your life is an incredible leap of faith that should only be done as an absolute last resort when all else fails in settling your case.

3. Mediated Agreements Tend To be Followed More Than Ones Made By Courts.

Studies have shown that parties that have reached agreements in mediation tend to follow such agreements much more than those made by courts. Why? Because the parties had a direct and committed part in making that agreement, and were a key part in negotiating such agreement.

4. You Can Move On Emotionally Much Sooner.

A mediated resolution of a divorce avoids the emotional turmoil, anger, and hurtful feelings against your spouse, thereby allowing the healing process after the end of a relationship to happen much sooner than an ugly divorce fought in court and the resulting emotional damage.

5. You Can Have A Resolution Of Your Divorce That You Can Be Proud Of.

Yes, you can resolve your divorce case in a way that stays true to your values and who you are as a person, and something that your family and friends will respect you for. Yes, your marriage is coming to an unfortunate end, but that does not mean that you have to handle your case in a way that will leave you with regret.

6. Mediation Saves Money and Emotional Expense.

A mediated divorce saves time, money, and emotions so much more than a normal divorce fought in court which can take months and years to resolve, all at the expense of your wallet, checkbook, and credit cards, not to mention your health and emotional well-being.

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