Top 10 Situations When Divorce Mediation is Not For You

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

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By:  Gerald Maggio, Divorce Mediator & Attorney

In a majority of divorce and custody cases, divorce and custody mediation is an expedient and cost-effective way to resolve issues amicably without litigation.  However, there are circumstances and situations when divorce and custody mediation is not in your best interests.  Here are the top 10 situations when divorce and custody mediation is not a good option:

  1. You and/or your children have been abused in any way by your spouse.
  2. You are in fear of your spouse.
  3. Your spouse is seeking to cause you emotional pain and suffering in the divorce.
  4. Either spouse is not emotionally able to make good, informed decisions about your case.
  5. You do not trust your spouse to be fair or honest.
  6. You cannot be fair or honest with your spouse.
  7. You or your spouse abuse drugs or alcohol.
  8. You have difficulty in making decisions for yourself.
  9. Your spouse wants to keep the case and the conflict going to maintain contact and a connection to you.
  10. Your spouse suffers from borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, or is manipulative and unpredictable.

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