How do I know if Mediation is the Right Solution?

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Top Orange County divorce mediators; California Divorce MediatorsIf you want to retain control over divorce or separation proceedings and do not want a judge making a determination about critical, determinative life events, mediation may be ideal for you. This option gives you more control over decisions about how to divide your assets and how you will proceed with parenting your children after the divorce is finalized.

Mediation is undertaken in the presence of a highly trained, neutral attorney. This individual does not interfere in your discussions and does not make decisions for you. You have control over the progress of each session. Any outcome or agreement arrived at through the course of collaboration brings the parties a higher level of personal satisfaction. Mediation helps to turn a highly stressful situation into a win-win outcome that suits everyone to the best possible degree.

Separation, property division and custody matters can be difficult to deal with in a calm and reasoned manner. If the parties are upset and feel they are not being heard, tensions can erupt. With a mediator, both sides have the chance to tell their story in their own words. This is empowering and helps to facilitate a beneficial conclusion for all, but most importantly, a conclusion that puts children first and foremost. With the right attitude and level of commitment, mediation can work even in the most acrimonious situations.

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