Why Mediate Your Divorce?

Mediating your divorce in the presence of a neutral, trained mediator, means you have control over the outcome and a much higher level of personal satisfaction at having worked out an agreement, rather having results mandated through court. Mediation is a cost-effective, fair and respectful process and in most instances, a speedy way to reach a tailored resolution to contentious issues such as separation, division of property and custody matters.

With the right approach and level of commitment, mediation can work even in the most acrimonious situations. Often cases that engender high conflict are the cases that will most benefit from mediation, simply because litigation encourages bitterness and distress, and acts to enflame already hostile situations.

Separation, divorce, child custody issues and other marital difficulties are disruptive, highly emotional and painful. Financial issues also underpin many of the more contentious moments in any proceeding relating to dissolution or separation. A mediator works to diffuse the tension and help a couple calm down enough to negotiate their own settlement. In the process, they also learn skills that will help them handle other issues that may arise in the future.

If you want to retain control over the divorce or separation proceedings and do not wish a court to determine how to divide your assets or have your children caught in the middle of a legal battle, then mediation may be for you.

The benefits of mediation include:

  • The cost is up to three times less than a traditional divorce that goes to court
  • Settlement can be quick and efficient
  • Participants are encouraged to creatively seek solutions to benefit their divorce/dissolution
  • More flexibility to explore the impact of all decisions on each partner’s future
  • Test driving agreements to see if they have the potential to work and change them if they do not
  • Participants making the decisions, not a court, ensuring predictability
  • Individuals in the process learning to communicate their needs more effectively and clearly
  • The best interests of any children are cooperatively put first, reducing a tension fraught process

Contact California Divorce Mediators by email or phone, to discuss mediation, legal separation, same sex separation, domestic partnerships or dissolution. Mediation may be a viable and reasonably priced alternative to expensive litigation.