What is mediation?

As mediators, we recognize that most flashpoint issues in a divorce are largely due to communication barriers. We know how to help you work around those. We then work as a team to find creative solutions to help you move forward.

California Divorce Mediators offers mediation for separation and divorce proceedings. We understand the advantages of having a neutral third party assist couples in reaching an agreement that is mutually beneficial for both parties. Mediation lets those on both sides in a divorce tell their own story in their own words, which goes a long way towards allowing everyone to move forward with their lives. It is easier to reach a hospitable agreement once both parties know someone has heard them and understands what they are saying.

Mediation is a process that helps individuals retain control over their lives by mutually and voluntarily negotiating a separation, divorce, property or child custody agreement. As the couple works together, with the support and assistance of a mediator, they are usually able to reach decisions that ultimately result in sustainable agreements that benefit everyone involved in the matter, including children. In short, the mediation process is driven by the participating parties.

The mediator’s role is to support and encourage negotiation and collaboration in a positive environment, one that allows the parties to feel and be empowered about coming to their own decisions and developing viable agreements. The mediator helps the parties recognize everyone’s needs and interests, assists in the problem solving process in a creative manner and helps the parties to maintain a respectful dialogue. At all times the mediator is aware of safety and security issues. When you work with California Divorce Mediators, we can also prepare all of the paperwork and the final judgment/marital settlement agreement.

To schedule a consultation with us regarding mediation as an option in your divorce process, contact us by phone or e-mail.