What is Divorce Mediation?

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process to resolve the differences and disagreements between both the parties involved in the separation and helps in reaching a more favorable outcome.

Unlike litigation or court procedures where the judge holds the final verdict, the only people making decisions in divorce mediation settlements are the individuals directly involved in the dispute.

How does the Divorce Mediation process work?

During divorce mediation, the spouses both meet for a joint conference along with a neutral mediator to discuss their differences and disagreements on matters related to the separation. The mediator will not only assist both parties in addressing their points but also provide suggestions and advice on how to reach common ground and resolve differences in a way that facilitates both parties positively.

The mediator will also draw up a mutual settlement agreement for you and make sure all the points regarding the settlement, finances, and child custody are addressed fairly for the best interests of both parties. Couples who don’t want to go through the emotional distress and financial burden of it all or those who wish their children are not caught in the middle should consider mediation and avoid lengthy and painful public confrontations in court.


What are the benefits of Divorce Mediation?

Mediation can be equally beneficial for cooperative couples as well as entire families with highly conflicting differences. Both financial and emotional issues rear head after a decision of separation. Mediation aims to reduce the stress and pressure involved in the situation and with a skilled mediator, couples and their families can negotiate for fair and just settlements on their own and also avoid any conflicts and disagreements in the future.


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