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What Can And Cannot Be Considered As Income For Child Support

Understanding Child Support in Divorce Settlements

1. Divorce and Child Support

  • Divorce is challenging, especially with children involved.
  • Child support is a contentious issue, often leading to disputes.
  • Determining the percentage of income for child support can be confusing.

2. Income Considered as Child Support

  • Broad Definition of Income:
    • Work earnings
    • Pensions
    • Dividends
    • Rental income
    • Trust funds
  • Business Owners:
    • Income is gross revenue minus business expenses.
    • Courts may include benefits reducing living expenses.
  • Financial Gifts:
    • Recent laws classify parental financial gifts as income.
  • California Family Code Section 4050:
    • Specifies how child support is calculated.
    • Factors: Both parents’ incomes, child’s time with each parent, applicable tax reductions.
    • Use the California Guideline Child Support Calculator for estimates.

3. Income Not Considered as Child Support

  • Non-eligible Income Types:
    • Life insurance benefits
    • Speculative income
    • Non-liquidatable stock options
    • Personal injury settlements
  • Non-monetary Gifts:
    • Cars
    • Household items
  • State Laws Variability:
    • Income eligibility can vary by state and court decisions.
    • Each situation is subject to change based on court rulings.

Need Help?

  • Child Support Attorney: Essential for navigating complex child support issues.
  • Virtual Divorce Mediation: Convenient for resolving disputes without court appearances.
  • California Divorce Mediation: Specialized services tailored for California residents.

Understanding the intricacies of child support is crucial in ensuring fair settlements. Consulting with a child support attorney and utilizing virtual divorce mediation can significantly ease the process. For California residents, specific services for California divorce mediation can provide tailored support.

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