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Cost-Effective Divorce Solutions: Online Mediation vs. Court Litigation

If a divorce seems likely between you and your spouse, there can be turmoil waiting ahead. Hearings in open court and your life being dictated by a judge rarely have good results – and it can cost you far more than you expect. Even simple divorces in family court can be expensive, and when complex variables or serious disagreements are involved, the costs skyrocket.

Can you avoid the painful process and excessive costs of divorce court litigation? Yes! Online divorce mediation is far more cost-effective and beneficial to your family. The family law professionals at California Divorce Mediators compare online mediation vs. court litigation divorce solutions and their costs.

Typical Divorce Court Litigation Costs

There are only two ways to end a marriage in California: through a divorce trial or a mediation settlement. Almost everyone agrees that a settlement is less traumatic and does less damage to everyone involved, especially children. Certainly, it costs less than a lengthy litigation process.

Divorce mediation can be a voluntary step couples choose to hammer out agreements together and avoid costly litigation. When couples refuse mediation or cannot reach a settlement, the family court must handle the divorce. This lengthy process involves filing for court hearings, preparing for suits and counter-suits, the discovery process, depositions, pre-trial preparation with your attorneys, time missed from work, travel costs, lengthy delays, and much more.

Martindale-Nolo Research reports that typical attorney fees for a California divorce litigation are around $12,500 to $30,000 but generally higher when cases go to trial over multiple issues.

Other costs can include:

· Multiple lawyer fees (you and your spouse will have your own attorneys)

· Court reporter fees

· Independent Child Custody Evaluation fees

· Expert witness fees

· Property disposition fees

· Research costs

· Court-ordered mediation fees

· Court costs

· Time lost from work

· Fuel and travel costs

An attorney’s billable hours increase dramatically when they and their staff must research, prepare depositions, spend time in court, prepare and file numerous documents, and handle the other details of a lengthy legal battle.

Who has money like that just lying around to basically throw away? Wouldn’t it be better for both spouses to conserve as many resources as possible as you both start new lives? Virtual divorce mediation is a more cost-effective and less stressful method of handling your divorce in California.

Online Divorce Mediation In California

Avoiding court litigation’s complexities and myriad expenses is obviously in your best interests. Online divorce mediation helps you and your spouse resolve divorce-related issues out of court. California Divorce Mediators has family law attorneys and certified specialists who can help you work out thorny questions like:

· Complex property divisions

· Child custody agreements

· Child and spousal support

· Visitation agreements

· Grandparents’ rights

· More!

Our goal is to facilitate a resolution in your and the children’s best interest (when children are involved) while reducing the burden on the court system. If an agreement is reached, it can be submitted to the court for approval and incorporation into the final divorce decree much faster and more affordably.

Virtual Divorce Mediation Is Cost-Effective and Less Stressful

Virtual divorce mediation provides a less adversarial environment, avoids court process delays, gives you more control over your family and your future, and is far easier on any children involved. And, California Divorce Mediators works for flat fee, all-inclusive retainers to save you loads of money on attorney fees and other litigation-related costs.

If you are looking for cost-effective divorce solutions in California and are weighing the pros and cons of online mediation vs. court litigation, the best choice is clear. Online divorce mediation offers far more benefits and is way more affordable than stressful and costly litigation in the family court. Contact

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