Child Support

Typically, one of the biggest issues with regard to child support is determining the amount that will be paid. There is a lot of raw data that must be analyzed before attempting to do the calculations. More often than not the final calculations are challenged by the spouse. It is not a good idea to try and attempt this on your own, as problems often arise, the most common being that the calculations do not meet state guidelines.

California Divorce Mediators offers mediation for child support issues and uses only the latest child support calculators, certified by the California Judicial Counsel. The various programs, which may look different, are all based on the formulas contained within the California Family Code. Rather than arguing and experiencing stress and anxiety about the correct amount of child support, using this software as part of a mediation process helps everyone understand how child support is calculated and how the formulas work.

Some information used to calculate support payments includes the number of children, the percentage of time each parent has child custody, usually referred to as timeshare, each spouse’s income and other related figures outlined in the Family Code that the court may consider when awarding child or spousal support. Other items may be taken into consideration in the calculations, such as health insurance premiums, union dues or mandatory retirement plan contributions, and tax deductions, such as tax deductible mortgage interest.

Child support calculations need to be done with accuracy and care and based on the guidelines set out by the Legislature. The formulas revolve around the current standard or living, pre-existing financial obligations, income information, taxes and the number of eligible children. Rather than have two people fighting over them, if they are able to bring their issues relating to child support to a mediation table, find out that they will both be heard fairly, and work towards an equitable agreement, everyone may move on with their lives without so much pain.

Understanding how child support is calculated helps to diffuse the fears that one spouse will not get enough support or that one parent will think they are paying too much. During mediation, the numbers will be run with both parents participating. The mediator/attorney explains how it works, what information is necessary and the final outcome – the amount the court will likely award, based on calculations. The main concern in determining the right amount of child support is to provide reliable and secure support for the children.

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