Is Divorce Mediation Right for Every Couple?

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Divorce mediation attorney Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsDivorce mediation is a method or process of ADR. ADR stands for alternate dispute resolution and is a method for couples who are getting divorced to settle the legal implications and legal proceedings of their divorce outside the court of law.

How do you know if divorce mediation is right for you?

Lots of couples who are getting divorced have reached a point in their relationship wherein they cannot even stand to look at each other’s faces. When married couples reach a point where they cannot settle anything amicably or in a reasonable manner be it division of property, money or other financial assets or matters relating to child support and child custody then divorce mediation is definitely not an option for them.

This method of a divorce settlement is apt for couples who have mutually agreed between them that there are certain irreconcilable differences that cannot be worked around and that they would be much happier and content without having each other in their lives. If couples have reached a point of mutual understanding with each other then divorce settlement out of court becomes easier and very doable. Such couples who are willing to work out their issues amicably and reasonably can opt for divorce mediation.

Why is divorce mediation the better route to take in settling divorce cases?

Court proceedings while settling a divorce case can be really expensive especially if the case involves division of assets that are in the form of property, land, houses, buildings, commercial complexes, etc.

Also, getting available court dates with the required judge who is handling your case and fixing dates for personal hearings and oral representation can be very cumbersome especially if both parties are working full-time jobs and find it difficult to coordinate dates and timings. Divorce mediation is not advisable if a criminal investigation is involved or if either party is acting maliciously or negligently.

Why choose a divorce mediator?

A divorce mediator comes with the requisite knowledge and skills required to understand both parties to the divorce and take their thoughts, feelings and wants into consideration to work out a settlement that suits both of them mutually. A divorce mediator will never take sides and will always weigh the pros and cons of any issue or problem before arriving at an informed decision from a legal point of view.

He realizes that in court proceedings and litigation can be very expensive and time-consuming so he will keep his work at a minimum but try to get the best results for the couple getting divorced. He understands that time is money and may even bring in the expertise of bankers, accountants, and financial valuation experts to help with the divorce mediation process.

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